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Hello everyone! Thank you for coming back to my page.  I realized that I did not update the site in over 2 years – my apologies! Since 2019, I have been busy with work and enduring this world wide issue – Covid 19. I have many updates that have happened to me recently since the pandemic hit.

Just over 2 weeks ago, my entire family was hit with Covid-19 and it was one of the toughest battles to date. Even tougher than my first MS attack – well maybe just as tough just with different elements. The only way I can describe what it feels like to have Covid-19 is pure evil trying to rip out your insides. This battle and journey felt like it was happening on all levels – mentally, physically and spiritually. At the same time, I lost my Mother In Law a week ago and it was quite tough to process as we were at the height of the Covid battle and then the death really took a toll on us. The little progress that we made, felt like we got pushed weeks back as it was emotionally draining. This was the closest family member that I have lost to date so it hurts and the void is felt. The funeral is in 2 days so I am working on keeping my energy high and bring back as much positivity as I can for those around me that will need it.

While having Covid, I have having a lot of trouble with the internal heat that the fevers were causing. I had a few instances where I literally collapsed to the floor overheating and finally cooling down after 30 minutes surrounded in a puddle of my own sweat. I will spare all of the other details but the falls that I took trying to get to the cold floor left me with bumps and bruises. This too, I will survive and heal from.

My first thought when I was getting ill with Covid was I feared that MS would come back for a visit internally – this did not happen. If I was still experiencing MS symptoms or flares, I think would have been 10x worse for me to endure. Thankfully I have done such a good job of keeping it away from me that I did not have a single issue that was MS-related. I have not had any issues in over 10 years so I was confident after a few days.

We were taking high does Vitamin C, D, and other homeopathic solutions. We followed the I-Mask protocols from the FLCCC and they really helped.

While going through this extremely tough challenge, I had a lot of key learnings and realizations. First, I was eating more than my needed portion of food and I was not chewing enough. My body was taking too much energy and effort breaking down food instead of digesting it. While having Covid, it forced me to slow down and focus on eating – not watching tv or being on a phone while doing so.

Staying present in my meal has really changed how I do things now and I can feel a difference already in my digestion and even my energy levels. I have not had a coffee in over 2 weeks and really do not miss it. I started having a cup of tea a few days ago like I used to when I was first diagnosed and now my goal is to really focus harder on keeping my body well fed, rested and unstoppable. I have started sleeping earlier as well which has really helped with my focus and memory and no longer do I need that coffee jolt to help me in the morning.

All of these new experiences have changed me once again for the better and I look forward to what the future holds for me. I have to stay focused and dedicated in the new version of me. Can not wait to update you all soon….

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