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What the heck just happened to me?

Am I going to get better?

What will life be like for me?

Am I going to get worse as I get older?

Will I be able to take care of myself?

What is life after MS?

Fear, worry – they are huge for people with MS… I know that because I was once there.  For the first 2 years I always had fear and doubt with respect to my condition because I was trying to understand what had just happened to me and I did not fully understand how strong my mind, body and will to survive actually were.

Without getting in to a tonne of detail, I wanted to put this post up to show you that we all have the ability to overcome fear and worry to a very large extent providing that we first want to do it.  It is not going to be easy, in fact it will probably suck and you will beat yourself up constantly till you start to see the light.  You can get through it and I believe that you will.  I am one that has worn the same type of shoes as you for over 10 years so I know what you are going through mentally and physically… not just one making assumptions to make you feel better.

For me, the first thing that I had to realize and fast was if I wanted my body to heal and start working properly that my mind had to be healed first.  One can exercise, eat all the right things but if their mind is still toxic – it will run the painful programs over and over again.

For me it took some time but after taking Neuro Linguistic Programming, I realized that what I thought and said had an effect on my world and those around me.  I started to become more mindful and careful to what I said to myself and others.  I took an inventory of my thoughts and realized that I had to optimize mine to get them back to something that I could work with.  When I finally took charge, wonderful things started to happen fast.  One of the key things that I do daily is approach every situation the same way whether it is a positive or negative experience.

After doing this for a few years, I realized that I was truly in control of my well being versus letting my body and environment control me.  I treat every day as a true gift and am thankful for where I was and where I am now.  MS has been a true learning lesson for me not just in handling the disease and kicking its butt but life in general.  I took this very tough lesson as a positive one as I realized that pity parties were going to get me no where.

Many people do not understand the mind – body connection.  For those that are battling something at this time it is very important to figure that out fast.  Aside from following an anti-inflammatory diet and following an exercise program, a strong healthy mindset is the engine for your body and will carry out all directions in order to achieve your goals.

There are some key benefits that positive thinking will get you:

  1. Overcoming Depression – I often say that depression has a key factor of having a disconnect between mind and body.  Once the two are aligned and the purpose of total wellness is your goal it is hard to get into depression.
  2. Overcoming Illness – Every disease manifests first as a thought and if it is not addressed it becomes stronger and stronger till it presents itself physically almost screaming at you to address it.  By having control over your strong and positive mind, you can do some pretty amazing things and feel really good about them too.  If you tackle the disease or hardship head on, you can get to a point where you think problem / solution.  By keeping emotion out of the decision or how you feel about it, you will get through things much faster.
  3.   Stengthen your System – When you have a strong mind and body, illness does not have a chance.  When you are beat up and expect the worse always – your mind will play those programs and it will not work out well for you.  You need to truly love yourself so much that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get better.
  4. Create a Strong Network – When you think and act at your best, you will notice that your energy internally and what you attract will be much different.  In a crowded room you will notice that you will start to only attract those that are vibrating at the same energy level.  Every single thing is made of energy and you can do wonderful things if you possess the right kind.  Keeping inventory of your relationships is smart to do as well because you are only as good as the company you keep.  You must always align with those that are going to motivate and inspire you to be your best.



The Fear of the Unknown?

2 thoughts on “The Fear of the Unknown?

  • January 14, 2018 at 7:00 am

    In 2013 , April I was diagnosed with MS which effected my right eye with vision loss.. After steroid medication I recovered but again to be struck by MS now in my right eye with vision loss the in 2014 same time. I recovered again with the medication.
    I got my MRI scan done in 2017 which is the same as the 2014 one with no progression or changes in the scan.
    Now in 2017, I feel a little weak in my right leg and also feel loss of balance. I have now turned fully vegan and also following a gluten free diet. I do yoga daily also strength training. My leg still feels weak. I am hopeful that I will be well soon.
    I am taking B12 supplements, vitD3, primrose oil , Kindly guide me .

    • January 23, 2018 at 1:28 am

      Hello Payal,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. The main that that you must remember when taking the natural route is that it will take longer and do not expect an instant recovery or fix. For me, it almost took a year to get myself back in order. I can not give you advice on next steps for you as I am not a professional however I would tell you to try and find a Naturopathic Doctor or Ayurvedic one as they could probably guide you much better and show you how to reduce the inflammation in your body and get you back to full function. Hang in there, you can do this!!


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