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Here is my story.

In July 2007, I was a healthy 34 year old living outside of Toronto with my wife, dog and 5-month-old son. Life was fantastic; I was working out, eating properly and even gave up casual drinking to stay as healthy as I could for my son.

The first week of July gave me a 180 degree switch to my life. My left side started getting weak and I noticed my toes started buckling under my foot a little as I walked up the stairs. I thought nothing of it until, at the end of a long work week, I was carrying my son up the stairs and my leg and arm buckled to the point where I nearly fell and dropped my son- I managed to regain my balance before this happened.

We realized that something was really wrong and I got my son taken care of and headed to the hospital via ambulance

I was admitted that night and stayed for a week. After numerous tests, CAT scans and an MRI, I was told that I was experiencing demyelination on the right side of my brain.  At this point, I was dragging my left side behind me when I tried to walk.  I was confused and frustrated but knew that a loss of hope wouldn’t get me through this.  I didn’t care to see what I had, I just needed to focus on a game plan was to get me through this. It was after the spinal tap that showed inflammation in my spine and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS is an autoimmune condition resulting in the degeneration of the myelin sheath. MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively. Conventional medicine teaches that this is an irreversible degenerative disease that causes sufferers increasing physical and cognitive disability. It is believed to have no cure.

I was told that within four months, I would no longer be walking potentially. This was not an option.

I got into physiotherapy the following day in a private clinic as I did not want to be on the hospital’s waiting list. I didn’t have time to wait. I knew if I waited, my muscles would be completely dead by that point. The therapy was the most intense training I had ever been through, but I just kept my son as my motivation to get through this.

As he neared his 6 month milestone – I vowed that I would be walking before him. With my therapy and my wife assisting me with my exercises, I started was walking again within the first week out of the hospital.

As I was on my road to recovery, Robin Sharma’s books really got me through the hardship as I connected with the characters in his story and realized that this was a learning lesson, if I chose receive it as that.  I then started reading everything that I could get my hands on to keep my brain as positive and strong as it could be and I do believe that this was the greatest medicine I  equipped myself with: the healing power of a positive mind and channeling good energy.

It has now been 10 years with my supposed “incurable condition” and I have been having great results every year and remain symptom free 99% of the time. 

I follow a stricter diet which involves cutting out most sugars, gluten, wheat, alcohol and other items that promote inflammation in the body.  I take supplements on a daily basis including multi vitamins and Omega 3 fish oils which have assisted significantly.  My MRIs get better every time.  I have actually regenerated nerve damage in my brain when conventional doctors told me it was impossible to do so.

I have never taken any medication to this date – just clean living and a very positive attitude.  I have learned not to let anything get to me personally and often say, “If you think this project is hard, try doing it without an arm or a leg and then you will see what is difficult.”

I often forget that I have a condition because of the strength I have built up in my mind and body.  I would have never been able to understand all of this unless I went through this challenge and I am thankful that I did.  I am stronger than I was even before MS and I hold down a great position as a Solution Consultant for an amazing B2B Technology Start Up in Toronto.  My personal slogan that guides me daily, “Without hardship, there is no learning”.

I have also since studied Neuro Linguistic Programming which is the study of how what we say and think affects our overall well-being and I use that to take care of myself with great results. I work with my Naturopath directly and she has been a fantastic doctor.  My mission on this earth is to help as many people to get out of hardship and back to smiling again, providing that they want to help themselves first.  As a personal mission, my goal is to help as many people out of hardship that I can and teach them to question what they are listening to.

I wish all of you much success and best of health.

“Love yourself enough to fight for yourself.”
~ MS Survivors

My Story

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  • February 4, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Wow, amazing to read! I myself was diagnosed in 2007 and just like you said no to the medicines and used nutrition and the “power of my mind” to get better. And just like you say I most times forget I even have a health issue. I’m having an MRI next week just because I want to see how it looks 6 1/2 years down the line! Thank you for sharing your story. Best of health!
    If you are interested in my story you can find it on my blog

  • February 20, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I too have always been very healthy and very strong, and then suddenly I lost my right eye vision.Ms was the culprit, and one doctor told me I would only get worse and to get used to it! He had me convinced i was done, and that caused me the most horrible winter I have ever spent, to the point of suicidal thoughts. I went to several docs and finally to a true MS specialist. I started injections to stave off any more attacks, only to find I was in worse shape with them; as i felt like an old man, and sickly! I finally surrendered myself to Jesus. I am 64 now, have regained over 50% of my vision, and can drive and work as good as i ever did. I believe in the power of prayer and give all the credit to GOD because he is the one that made me,is my saviour, and is healing me! I have not had any type of medication since last winter and my MRI is stable;much to the doctors surprise!God blesss you, don’t fall for the lie. do not give up! mike j knapp St joseph,mo.

  • October 25, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Truly inspiring for any human being to read. A great reassurance that your attitude does determine your altitude! Bless


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