Since I posted my 10 year anniversary of beating MS on July 7th – ( ) I was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of attention, support and MS Warriors that the post reached.  Out of nowhere, I found so many more people who have been battling this illness utilising the same plan that I follow – clean anti-inflammatory diet, exercise and a very positive mindset that is willing to take anything on.

I connected with people who have been doing it the same way as myself for even 45 years now.  To hear this gives me reassurance that I took the right path when I was at my crossroads in 2007 and decided to take the non-medicinal route.  I am so glad I did that as I am not a slave to the sick care system and not controlled by pharma in anyway.

I can honestly say that I am starting the see the shift in energy and in people now which makes me believe that we can shift things around for the better if we align for that same purpose.  When you are going through the illness diagnosis it is good to know that there are millions that have gone down this path and in my case, many that have done it the same way with great success!

I wish all of you the utmost strength both mentally and physically as you go through your own journey.  Please feel free to contact me if you would also like to be aligned with other MS Survivors.

Finding many more medication-free MS Survivors daily…

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