10 YEARS!!! Today marks the 10th year that I have kicked Multiple Sclerosis to the curb.

The first few years were tough as I had so much ‘what if?’ and other thoughts and actions that were limiting me. After learning how to take control of my mind and most importantly eat the type of food that reduced inflammation in my body, I forced MS out of me.

There is a large reason why I do not get emotional and am very positive. This is it. My treatment plan consists of a very positive mind, good eating and exercise. Also I do not let time slip past me anymore and make sure I seize every moment. To this day I do not take any medication whatsoever as I was not willing to endure the side affects that would come with that.

Best of luck to all those who are going thru their own battles. I’m always here for you. If any of you want to read my story check it out at mssurvivors.com. This post is meant for me to share my success with you and show you that we are capable of taking on life’s battles if we choose to do so.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Thanks to my family and close friends who have been my biggest supporters.

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10 YEARS! And still winning…

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