Many have asked why this site is called MS Survivors and I have thought that I should provide an explanation.  I created this website name because I have fought hard to get my mind and body back to health. In that sense I considered it surviving.  Surviving from what – to be honest I was not sure.  From what I had heard and read was that I could experience many more difficulties than I currently have to deal with, with in fact is next to none for years.

It is definitely not easy nor did it go away.  I had to work at it day and night, make a full lifestyle change and DO IT FULL OUT. This is the biggest reason why I am good today.  I have good control over my eating habits and following an anti-inflammatory method for the majority of the time.  I also exercise regularly, as I have found that if you do not move muscles nor keep blood circulation good – you will start to experience weakness and maybe no use of them as well.  The biggest change is POSITIVE MINDSET.

If there is one medicine that I think is key, it is this.  For you to get beaten down and have to come up with a different solution, it is one of the hardest things in life to do.  To make decisions like these you need to think in just Problem -> Solution.  You must keep emotion out of it no matter how hard it is to make the choice.  Trust me on this as I have been living and working like this for 10 years and to be able to process challenges and opportunities the same way has made my life very easy now.  I can not believe that I did not make me change sooner, in my case I needed the power of an MS Attack to do it for me and I decided to fight back…

What is an MS Survivor?

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  • April 8, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    You’re a great inspiration! Keep on surviving!


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